Ringing Procedures

CREW Guide (Integrated)
CREW Guide (Integrated) DriveThru
CREW Guide (EMV) DriveThru

CREW Guide NrGize (Integrated)

MGR Guide (Integrated)
MGR Guide (Integrated) DriveThru
MGR Guide (EMV) DriveThru

MGR Guide NrGize (Integrated)

MGR Reference Guide

CREW Guide ATS Integrated
MGR Guide ATS Integrated

CREW Guide Taco Time DriveThru (Integrated)

CREW Guide CSC (Integrated)
MGR Register CSC (Integrated)

Focus Daily Sales Report Definitions
Focus Online Reporting
Gift Card Cash Control Sheet
Future Orders
House Accounts
Customers & Accounts
PrePaid Customers
Export to Quickbooks
Setting up Time Ranges (Day Parts)

Split Orders
Cash Drawers
Cash Trays
Drops to Safe
Schedules and Grace Periods
OnLine Ordering Guide ATS - Integrated
National Offer List
Focus On-Line Order Refund
CostCo Vouchers
Local Store Discount Procedures - Taco Time Only
Focus Lite (L3):

L3 MGR Reference Guide
L3 CREW Guide Integrated
EMV - Questions and Answers
POS Help Desk:   (877) 811-3811
Open 7 days a week / 363 Days a Year!
National Hours:  7AM - 10PM   Mountain Time

Focus Install Guides
Kahala Self Install Guide for ERC J-19
OLO Herald Guide
Update Tax Rate for 3rd Party
Online Ordering
DSR Report Definitions w/ Loyalty and OLO
EMV Guides
PAX User Guide
FOCUS POS Manual - http://focuspos.com/manual/
FOCUS POS Manual - Printable Version
Focus Programming Form
PAX Warranty Status Check

SHIFT4 Quick Tips

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