(800) 832-0710
(866) 874-7901
(800) 236-8122
(800) 555-9966
(800) 285-3978
(800) 832-0710

(866) 874-7901

Franchisee Gift Card Re-Order
Login:   www.fdccards.com
Merchant IVR Support
Franchisee Support Desk 
TASQ / Valuelink Helpdesk
Customer Service
Client Line Support Desk

     [Card balance, verbal authorization, batch activation]
TASQ/FD-130 Specialized Support
      [Add Gift Card Entitlement]
Terminal Support for Credit / Gift for FD-130's
(800) 828-9034
To request a gift card file build for your Vx 520, complete and sign this Order Form.  Then FAX to 402-916-6106. The cost for a file build is $40.00. If you have any questions, please contact the Franchisee Specialized
Support Desk; 866-874-7901.
Tim Horton's / CSC Gift Cards
TH Terminal Support
TH Valuelink -
franchisee help desk for assistance
       with funds movement
(800) 405-0885  Option 3
(800) 450-8189
CSC Loyalty - Terminal Support
     [Must provide CSC MID number for
(800) 555-9966
FD Net Centralized Gift Card Services

Terminal Pricing Sheet
POS Help Desk:   (877) 811-3811
Open 7 days a week / 363 Days a Year!
National Hours:  7AM - 10PM   Mountain Time

Gift Card Support Numbers
Gift Card Terminal Order Forms
Blimpie Vx520 Terminal Order Form with ACH
Cold Stone Vx520 Terminal Order Form with ACH
VX 520 for Gift Only

Fiserv VX520 Support:
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