Focus Demos by Brand
Labor reports
Item count reports
PMIX reports
Sales contests
Sales and Financial reports
Daily reports, Audit Reports, Voids, Deletes, Discounts etc..
Quickbooks export

Detailed Reporting
100s of reports
Media reports
Historical reports
Theft prevention
Employee performance
Revenue center reporting
All reports are emailable as are guest checks
All reports can be run by date ranges
Integrated credit card and gift card processing
Split checks, tabs, transfers, voids, and comps
Customized screens
Manage and monitor counter, patio, and drive-through
   window all at one time
Quick and easy touchscreen order entry

Quick Service and Delivery
Streamline delivery process
Deliver to the right address at the right time
Map the most efficient routes
Integrated caller ID
Easily accommodate multiple delivery fees
Streamline the order taking process
Speed up service
Sell more with suggestive selling
Decrease order errors with conversational ordering
Simplify the training process
Kitchen Video up to 32 stations
Rear display output for POP and Check details
Output to a Drive Thru OCB
Schedule enforcement to stop early clock in and late
   clock out
Enhanced Security
Age verification
Integrated security cameras
Text overlay to cameras
Biometric fingerprint access
Secure payment processing
Real-time alerts
3rd Party Integrations:
QSR ONLINE - RTI Connect - Syrus - Restaurantmagic and many more integrations to include the below options:
Inventory Control
Ideal food costs management
Inventory management
Usage analysis report
Labor matrics
Export the schedule into Focus
100s of customizable reports
POS Help Desk:   (877) 811-3811
Open 7 days a week / 363 Days a Year!
National Hours:  7AM - 10PM   Mountain Time

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